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WordPress Dating Software Features

Our new WordPress Dating Platform is packed with all the features you need to run a successful online dating business.


Internal Email Messaging

Dating members can send private email messages to other members of the dating site.

Custom Profile Questions

Custom dating profile questions will set your niche market dating site apart.

Dating site members can upload photos, videos and audio files as well as edit profiles and view other members’ profiles. 

Member Groups

Users can create custom groups. They can be private or public. Add photos and cover images to enhance the groups. This can also be a premium function.

Member Forums

Create custom forums that your users can join and post topics to. Make it free or paid via memberships in admin.

Member Activity

Members can see all the activity that is happening on your dating site. Simply turn it on or off. 

Site Reputation

Users can leave reviews that you can approve/reject. This appear on your reviews page and will help your SEO because they use Google’s Rich Snippets to display reviews.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is a special screen setting designed to make the best use of dim light situations, Users can turn this on/off via their right sidebar.

Custom Searches

Within this custom WordPress dating solution, you can create your own custom searches. Create basic searches as well as advanced searches. All new searches appear on your search page.

Profile Visibility

Your users can show who has access to different parts of their profile view. Between Everyone, Only Me and My Friends. 

Custom Home Pages

We have pre-defined some home pages for you. At the time of writing this, we have created 5 unique home page designs but since it’s WordPress, you can create unlimited custom home pages for your dating site.


Because it’s WordPress, we have pre-installed WooCommerce. You can sell products or services on your dating or social site.

Create New Pages

Because it’s WordPress, you can create custom pages and you can even block the page to free users. The possibilities are endless.

Payment Gateways

Because the restriction of features is handled by S2, you can use PayPal, Stripe or Authorizenet. Most use PayPal because it allows for credit cards and PayPal. 


Because it’s WordPress, you can write blogs and pages. These will help the SEO of your website. Create as many blogs in as many categories as you want.


Users can add and remove friends. Those recipient users will get onscreen notifications of the friends request.

Photos, Audio and Video

Now your users can create custom galleries and add photos, videos and audio files to them.

Dedicated Gallery Page

Now your users can create custom galleries and add photos, videos and audio files to them.

More WordPress Dating Software Features

Member Features

  • Member Site Reviews
  • Scammer Protection
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Facebook style Groups
  • Internal Forums
  • Internal Blogs
  • Custom Searches
  • Internal email
  • Blocking/Unblocking
  • Public/Private Email System
  • Unlimited Galleries
  • Who’s Online
  • Multiple Photo Upload
  • Audio Profile Upload
  • Video Profile Upload
  • Save Last Search Criteria
  • Group/Forum Invitations
  • Member Control Panel
  • Profile Edit Tools
  • Upgrade Options
  • And much more…

Admin Features

  • Forum Admin
  • Blog/Post Function
  • Reputation Management Admin
  • Spam Control settings
  • Scammer Protection
  • Database Optimization
  • Groups Admin
  • Pricing Configuration
  • Email Templates
  • Static Page Creator
  • Member Payments Module
  • Paypal Integration
  • 2Checkout Integration
  • Stripe Integration
  • AuthorizeNet Integration
  • Monthly Payments Reports
  • eCommerce Coupons
  • WooCommerce Shop
  • Custom Page Builder (Brizy)
  • Login Redirect
  • And much more…

Reputation Management

  • 5 Start Reviews
  • SEO Optimized Reviews Page
  • Approve/Reject Reviews